Student Summer Employment Registration Service

Available from January 1 to June 30.

Please note the Government of Alberta is in hiring restraint. As a result, summer employment opportunities for students may be limited.

Thank you for your interest in student summer employment with the Government of Alberta.  Summer employment provides students with the opportunity to learn about our organization, develop workplace skills, and gain career related experience.

Summer students are typically hired for a period of two to four months and provide assistance or support to various types of workClick the link to see the details.  in areas such as: administrative supportInvolves administrative, program, office and/or information/automation support functions associated with the administrative delivery of government services and programs.
Some types of work students may support:
   ▪Records Coordinator
   ▪Administrative Coordinator
   ▪Branch Administrator
   ▪Administrative Assistant
   ▪Payroll Administrator
   ▪Legal Assistant
   ▪Human Resource Assistant
   ▪Finance Clerk
   ▪Collections Support
   ▪Medical Transcriptionist
   ▪Sentence Administrator.
, research, policy, communication Involves applying theoretical knowledge and program know-how to deliver or develop provincial programs and/or policies within a social science framework.
Some types of work students may support:
   ▪Research Officer
   ▪Research Assistant
   ▪Alberta Supports Coordinator
   ▪Career Advisor
   ▪Graphic Designer
   ▪Policy Analyst
   ▪Motor Vehicle Specialist
   ▪Inspections Officer
   ▪Facilities Coordinator
   ▪Law Librarian
   ▪Communications Specialist
   ▪IT Planner
   ▪Public Affairs Officer
   ▪Provincial Prosecutor
, finance, accountingInvolves professional accounting and financial work focused on the financial systems of government
Some types of work students may support:
   ▪Revenue Analyst/Accountant
   ▪Income Tax Officer
   ▪Business Analyst
   ▪Junior Tax Officer
   ▪Budget Officer
   ▪Public Trustee Representative
   ▪Marketing Analyst
   ▪Finance Officer
   ▪Senior Finance Lead
, natural resources  Involves the planning, development, and/or delivery of natural resource programs in the areas of forests, provincial parks and protected areas, public lands, fisheries, wildlife, and water. Work may be professional, technical, or operational.
Some types of work students may support:
   ▪Fire Crew Member
   ▪Seed Technology Assistant
   ▪Park Service Ranger
   ▪Fisheries Technician
   ▪Public Lands Officer
   ▪Wildfire Ranger
   ▪Conservation Officer
   ▪Fish and Wild Life Technician
   ▪Forest/Land Officer
   ▪Air Attack Officer
   ▪Water Quality Specialist
   ▪Senior Fisheries Biologist
 (forestry, conservation, environmental science), information technology Involves installation, maintenance, support and planning of information technology infrastructure (software/hardware).
Some types of work students may support:
   ▪Systems Analyst
   ▪Geospatial Analyst
   ▪Web Content Analyst
   ▪Data Analyst
   ▪IT Technical Specialist
   ▪Procurement Analyst
   ▪Business Intelligence Analyst
   ▪Meta Data Consultant
, human services Involves assisting individuals involved in the social services system within Alberta.
Some types of work students may support:
   ▪Case Aide
   ▪Financial Support Worker
   ▪AISH Intake Worker
   ▪AISH Generalist
   ▪Licensing Officer, Child Care
   ▪Aboriginal Liaison Advisor
   ▪Family Court Counsellor
   ▪Family Mediator
   ▪Caseworker/Social Worker
   ▪Child Intervention Assessor
, human resources, tourism, grounds keeping Typical work includes grounds maintenance or skilled horticultural work which may include propagation and care of plants, shrubbery and vegetable crops and/or greenhouse responsibilities.
Some types of work students may support:
   ▪Grounds Worker
   ▪Grounds/Site Operator
, maintenance May involve functions such as moving and repairing furnishings, sorting and packing of materials or may include assisting trades people in performing renovation, maintenance and manual tasks.
Some types of work students may support:
   ▪Maintenance Service Worker
   ▪Fire Equipment Refurbisher
   ▪Mechanics Assistant
   ▪Trails Specialist
   ▪Camp Manager
   ▪Building Operator
   ▪Restoration Craftsman
, etc.

Our Student Summer Employment Registration Service provides an easy and efficient way for students to register and submit their resumes to a centralized database in order to be considered for potential summer employment opportunities with us.

The Government of Alberta ministries that have determined their summer student recruitment needs will review the database, identify the students to be interviewed, and then contact them to schedule interviews.

Interested in registering?

To be eligible to register, you must:

  • Have student status (i.e. be enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary institution).
  • Be returning to academic studies in September.
  • Have a current cover letter and resume.The Tips for Applying on Alberta Government Jobs resource provides information on writing effective cover letters and resumes.
  • If you are not a student, please visit for a listing of our current employment opportunities.

The registration process is easy:

  • Tell us about yourself - your contact information, education, the type(s) of work experience you are interested in obtaining, and when you’re available to start working.
  • Answer a few questions.
  • Upload your resume and cover letter. The cover letter may be addressed “Attention: Human Resources.” Documents must be submitted in one file.
  • Submit your registration!

After you register:

  • You will receive an email confirming your registration and resume have been received.
  • The Government of Alberta ministries that have summer employment opportunities available will review the database, identify the students to be interviewed, and contact them to schedule interviews.
  • Interviews are usually held during March and April. Some interviews may be held during January/February.
  • Student summer employment opportunities typically begin in May and end in August.
  • Your resume will be kept on file until September 1.

Please note:

  • Some ministries may advertise specialized summer employment opportunities on our Government of Alberta Jobs website under the Seasonal category.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Student Summer Employment Registration Service,
please contact us.

OR if you have lost your confirmation e-mail, please click here.

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